Top 5 Control Surfaces For Logic Pro X, Cubase and Ableton [Updated 2021]

Top 5 control surfaces for your daw

Have you ever experienced trouble when balancing the tracks in your DAW? It’s quite annoying using a mouse to balance the faders in mixing. Right? In this article, I’m gonna introduce you to 5 best control surfaces for Logic Pro X and other DAWs that will deliver you a great user experience and accuracy in your mixing. … Read more

What is Audio Clipping And How to Avoid it in Recording

Audio Clipping in audio recording

In this article, you’ll know what is audio clipping and some good tips to avoid it in the recording. So, read the full article if you are facing clipping in your soundtracks. Music recording is not just an art but a science. We need a good knowledge of sound theory to become a good recording … Read more

What is Stereo Imaging: Get More Depth in Your Mixes

what is stereo imaging

This article will tell you the importance of stereo imaging and some plugins that you can use for it. Read the full article to know the process. Remember, the mono tracks of the 60s that you listened in your radio? Comparing the quality of those classics with today’s high-quality audio tracks tells you the truth … Read more

7 Types of Reverb You Should Know About

7 types of reverb

In this article, we are going to read about the seven types of reverb that are used in audio production. Reverb is the one thing that confuses all of us with its variety. Especially the newcomers in this audio recording field always wonder about the types and setting of the reverb plugins. And it’s not … Read more

Audified Mix Checker Plugin Review [Turn Your Monitors into Consumer Speakers]

audified mix checker plugin

Audified Mix Checker is a great tool to check your tracks in a regular listening environment. Here’s how and why it’s important for a mix engineer. Have you ever experienced the problem that when “your mixed audio track” is played in a regular speaker it sounds not as good as in your monitors? Don’t worry, … Read more

FabFilter Pro Q3 Ultimate Review [2021]

fabfilter pro q3 equalizer

Graphics equalizers are great. The benefit is, you can see what you are changing in audio. And when it has other great features like real-time analyzer, solo listening etc then its something like a beast. Fabfilter Pro Q3 is that beast. With its tons of features, you can play with your sound like a pro. And, … Read more

Mixing Tip: How To Use Glue Compressor FX Chain

glue compressor fx chain

Probably you heard a term “Glue” in mixing. Mixing engineers use compressors via bus. This is generally called  Glue. But there is another way of glue Compressor in your mix. You can “glue” tracks together by using two standard compressors in series, with low ratio and high thresholds. As a result, you get a clean dynamics control … Read more

Dolby Institute Introduces Free Dolby Atmos Training Courses


Dolby Atmos is an essential audio format for movies. Without converting your movie background to this format, your mixes can’t qualify for major film theaters, HD television shows etc. But what exactly is a Dolby Atmos format and how do you convert your projects into this format? Free Dolby Atmos Training Courses By Dolby Institute Well, … Read more