Audified Mix Checker Plugin Review [Turn Your Monitors into Consumer Speakers]

audified mix checker plugin

Audified Mix Checker is a great tool to check your tracks in a regular listening environment. Here’s how and why it’s important for a mix engineer. Have you ever experienced the problem that when “your mixed audio track” is played in a regular speaker it sounds not as good as in your monitors? Don’t worry, … Read more

Gain Staging: Secret to Get Good Levels In Your Mix

gain staging technique

If you want to come up with better mixes, you must understand the gain staging process. Underestimating it may lead you to compromise the whole recording and mixing without even realising. The digital audio recording world is changed today. Back in the initial days of digital audio recording, there were quality related problems as compared … Read more

How To Identify and Remove Resonant Frequencies [EQ Sweeping]

Remove Resonant Frequencies

In this guide, you will read about how to remove resonant frequencies from audio by Equalizer Sweeping method. The whole audio mixing is based on shaping up audio frequencies and making them more pleasant to listen to. EQ Sweeping is an important part of frequency shaping. In EQ Sweeping we clean up the audio. In … Read more


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