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Presonus is a well-known brand for audio equipment. As with other audio gear and software brands, Presonus also releases helpful articles for their customers and readers. Their latest blog is about Song level matching tips.

As a recording professional and an audio recording website owner, it’s my job to provide you these best articles right from the pros.

In this series, I have the latest article by Presonus who has just released an article about matching the song level like a pro. This article can help you a lot if you are don’t know how exactly master a song for better output level.

The loudness war is going on in the audio recording field and after coming to Youtube it becomes more and more powerful. Everyone wants more volume in mastering to beat their competitors. This article is all about achieving maximum loudness level without damaging your track. Matching song level is a tough task for any audio engineer as it’s all about the final output of a song hence can’t be neglected.

Highlights From Presonus Song Level Article Matching

  • LUFS measurement techniques for each track.
  • Understanding Gain reduction peaks.
  • Achieving Perceived loudness level
  • RMS average levels like VU meter and True Peak
  • Leveling the Levels
  • Using Tricomp compressor and limiter

For more information check out the article blog.presonus.com/index.php/2018/11/16/friday-tips-easy-song-level-matching

You can also check out the supporting article on LUFS in Sweetwater written by Craig Anderton who wrote this Presonus www.sweetwater.com/insync/what-is-lufs-and-why-should-i-care

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