Sample State And Monster Sounds Added In LoopCloud

Loopmasters added 2 new sample libraries in their Loopcloud service. SampleState and Monster Sound libraries. Here we will dig some features which you are getting in these libraries.

Loopcloud Monster Sound

Old school heads Aquasky set up Monster Sound. After notching up hours of studio time under various aliases including the monstrous Bass House incarnation Black Noise and collaborating they produced with some of the best out there.

The guys contacted top artists, musicians, vocalists, and producers from around the world in various genres and styles and bring up a new flavor to sample packs.

Here are some of them. Listen now

This whole library is now available in Loopcloud by Loopmasters. You can audition any of their loops and sounds via the Loopcloud VST before purchasing them one by one.

You can find the Monster sound library with just a few clicks in Loopcloud. Simply launch the app and hit the store button. Go to the Labels drop-down menu and find Monster Sounds. 

After selecting all the searching and browsing you do in the Loopcloud store will show results exclusively from Monster Sounds.

Loopmasters Sample State

Sample state sample library is created by Loopmasters in-house producer Andy Lee. it’s a fresh new sample label you really will like. And Lee is one of the bestselling loop creators in Loopmasters Loopcloud.

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He is an experienced sound designer working over the last 10 years and produced almost every style of house music and more.

If you want fresh and emerging styles with premium sound quality then check out this sample pack. From main room solidness to underground vibes and grooved-out bass lines, all provided in this state-of-the-art sample library, Samplestate.

Let’s check out some of the samples from Samplestate

The download process is so simple. Just launch the app and hit the store button. Then go to the labels drop-down menu and find Samplestate. Once selected all the searching and browsing you do in the Loopcloud store will show results exclusively from Samplestate.

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