How To Clean Studio Monitors [Ultimate Guide 2021]


Do you know? Recording studios are one of the most sensitive places in the world. You have to protect recording equipment from dust and humidity nor they would not last long. But apart from traditional cleaning, studio equipment need extra care in the process of cleaning. Monitor speakers are a very important part of your recording gears. Just … Read more

Near Field Vs Far Field Studio Monitors [Ultimate Guide]


Near-Field and Far-field are very important terms in audio recording. These terms are used with studio monitors. In this article, we’ll learn what are near-field and far-field studio monitors and their application in audio recording. I will also describe here the full knowledge of the near field and far-field studio monitors and which one will … Read more

PreSonus Eris E3.5: Best Studio Monitor in Budget [2021]

Studio monitor in budget

In this article, I will review PreSonus Eris E3.5 which is the best choice for those who are looking for studio monitor in a budget. Do you know? The quality of a monitor depends on the frequency curve which it delivers. Now you are wondering what is a frequency curve. So here I want to give … Read more

Samson Media One BT4 Active Studio Monitor Review 2021

studio monitor under 100

If you are a newbie in audio recording field and want to set up a bedroom studio, then Samson Media one is one of the best studio monitor under your budget. Today I’ll review Samson Media ONe BT4 active studio monitor for you. Samson Media One BT4 Studio Monitor Review Samson is not a new … Read more

M-Audio AV32 Unbiased Review For Home Studios [Updated 2021]

m-audio av32 unbiased review

This is a review of the M-Audio AV32 studio monitor in which you will get all the details and insights about this low range audio gear suitable for home studios. Choosing a studio monitor for your home studio is like searching for a needle inside the ocean. Especially when you are looking for a one … Read more

3 Best Yamaha Studio Monitors For Home Studios [Updated 2021]

yamaha studio monitors review

In this article, we will discuss about 3 Yamaha Studio Monitors which are considered to be the best mid-range monitors in the audio recording world. I know you are wondering if several other mid-range monitors are available in the market then why, Yamaha? There’s some reason behind this. Actually, I have 3 studio monitors from different brands … Read more