Best Budget Studio Monitors For Home Studios [Ultimate List 2021]

Budget Studio Monitors for home studio

Choosing GOOD budget studio monitors is such a tough task for music producers. Especially when it comes to newbies. Well, don’t worry, in this article, I’ve shared 10 cool studio monitors that fit your budget. The problem is if you don’t have a good pair of studio monitors you can’t produce industry-standard music track. As … Read more

Top 6 USB Microphones for Youtubers and Podcasters [2021 List]

Top 6 USB Microphones for Youtubing

If you are searching for best USB microphones for Youtubers and Podcasters then you are landed to the right web page. In this article, I’ve compared the top 6 USB Microphones for Youtubing and podcasting. Read the full article if you are searching for one. SO, keep reading…And you’ll able to decide which one is … Read more

9 Best Audio Interfaces You Should Buy For Your Home Studio in 2021

This article will give you the insights of 9 best audio interfaces of 2020 which help you to buy the right one for your recording studio. When it comes to the transformation of technology, the music industry is the most changing ones. With every fraction of time, new hardware and software are introducing to this … Read more

What Are DI Boxes And Why Are They Used in Recording Studios

Audio recording is not just an art but it’s also is a technology that changes frequently. As an audio engineer, you have to be aware of the changes in industry technology and transform yourself with it. In my article 35+ Recording Studio Equipment List [For All types of Recording Studios] I have discussed almost all the … Read more

7 Best Analog Mix Bus Compressors of All Time

7 best Mix Bus Compressors

Today most of the studios use Analog Mix Bus Compressors to get more control over the punch. A punchy mix is the end goal of any mix engineer and mix bus compressors help them get this goal. But, it needs some extra technical specifications to make it work properly. Otherwise, you can’t achieve the punchy … Read more

What Are Active Speakers and What’s The Use

what is active speaker

This article is all about active speakers and their use in home recording studios. Starting out a new homes studio is not as easy as you think.  The most confusing moments you face in this business is when you are going to choose the right hardware for your studio. Speakers are one of them. And … Read more

What is Mixing Console or Mixer [Ultimate Guide]

The mixing console is an essential gear in Pro studios as well as in Live music. Even today, when most of the small studios adopted the digital mixing/routing software provided by the audio interfaces, mixing console is an integral part of many studios. Its also used in live concerts to route the inputs and outputs. … Read more

11 Best DAWs in 2021 [The Best Audio Editing Software for Beginners]

11 best daw for beginners

Are you confused about choosing DAW software for music production? Have you just started your recording studio and are struggling to decide what DAW(digital audio workstation) would be best for you? Or are you an experienced one and just wanted to switch your old music production software with the latest one? If any of these … Read more

Antelope Audio Orion 32 USB AD/DA Converter

antelope orion 32

Antelope Audio has released their most awaited AD/DA converter Orion 32 which is claimed to be the world’s first 32 channel USB AD/DA converter. Orion 32 is equipped with custom USB chip which allows it to achieve extremely low latency levels even when streaming simultaneously 32 channels in and 32 out. SOS says about this … Read more