Quiztones EQ Ear Training App [Review]

Quiztones is a frequency-based ear training app that is able to train newbie ears to get the results like a pro.

We don’t come with any skills from the womb of our mother.


We learn each and every skill here in this world. And, in audio engineering, it’s very true.

Because we all have the same ear, but mixing engineers need to train their ears to listen to each and every frequency separately. And when they mix with that skill we get a great mixed song.

But, like in each field of expertise, audio engineers need some tools to train themselves – including an ear training program.

An ear training program is a need for mixing engineers – especially for newbies who have “infant” ears and fail in recognizing problems in their mix.

Though, there are several ear training programs available in the market – only a few are genuine.

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And one of those is Quiztones Ear training app available on iTunes.

Let us dig deep within this ear training app.

What is Quiztones EQ Ear Training App

Quiztones is an Equalizer based ear training app that trains the ears and develops more acute listening in audio engineers, producers, and musicians who largely use frequency-altered music loops and tones.

With this app, you can develop frequency recognition skills to produce and mix like a pro.

Why Should You Use Quiztones EQ Ear Training App

Here’s it.

When I was a newbie, and learning the mixing it was very tough to differentiate the problematic frequencies in the equalizer for me. Such horrible days those were.

I remember, clients gave me the work and I was fighting with the equalizers to get the better mix. It took me more than 3 years to become perfect in recognizing the problematic frequencies. I never say that today I’m perfect but I’m a better version of myself than those horrible days.

I have deeply realized how tough is it to recognize the problematic frequencies especially when you are working with frequency-altered music loops and tones.

In those days there were not many ear training programs and apps exist.

But today there are tons of them. Now the main problem is to get the one that really works.

And Quiztones is one of them.

It has several problematic frequencies presets which when you apply in any song you can hear clearly and train your ears to differentiate them from others in your mixes.

The Benefit of Quiztones Frequency Based Ear Training

The main benefit of using this ear training app is you can be able to differentiate between problematic frequencies and regular frequencies and minimize the exact problem in your mix. All the pro mix engineers use this method to clean out their mixes.

As you know there are some frequencies like 4kHz, 6kHz, 8kHz, 12.5kHz are treated as problematic frequencies and you need to minimize them to get clear sound.

This ear training app trains your ear to recognize these resonant frequencies. When you use this app regularly you will realize that you are getting sharper in recognizing these frequencies in your mixes.

So, Quiztones EQ Ear Training App is a great software that can transform your ear from a new ear to a trained ear.

Features of Quiztones EQ Ear Training App

There are several features of Quiztones that can help you to transform your listening. Here are some of these.

Improve Your Recording, Mixing, Mastering

With Quiztones you can rapidly improve your listening. As a result, you become a good Mix engineer in no time.

Sharpen your ears with Quiztones frequency recognition

It helps sharpen your ears which is a need for mixing engineers. Without sharpening your ears you can recognize the problems within your mixes. Quiztones not only help in equalizing but also with dynamics shaping and adding reverb etc.

Prevent Noise Buildup in Your Mixes

There are several types of noise in the recording – Noise due to lack of ground, guitar noise, noise in cables, even digital noise too. You must aware of these types of noises and record clean audio without Noise.

But how do you recognize the noise which is sitting behind the main audio signal? It’s tough. But Quiztones can help in recognizing these types of noises in your audio so you can remove them before recording. Or even you have accidentally recorded your audio with the noise you can remove it with EQ sweeping method.

Master in Frequency Boosting and Cutting

Frequency shaping is a good practice if you want to give space to each instrument in your mix. This app can help in this procedure. When you regularly use this app your ear will train in this.

Identify and Remove Resonant Frequencies

The worst part of a music track is resonant frequencies. These frequencies are awkward ringing tones placed behind audio signals. We should minimize these frequencies to get a clear mix.

Quiztones train our ears to recognize these types of frequencies so that we could remove them with the help of EQ.

Eliminate the need for EQ Sweeping in Your Mix

However, EQ sweeping is a great method when you want to remove problematic frequencies sometimes it also affects yours over the frequency spectrum.

This app helps you in applying the exact amount of cut in EQ so that we could precisely cut problematic frequencies without sweeping out others.

Identify and Eliminate Feedback in PA Systems

Are you a live sound engineer?

Then this app is a must-buy for you. It can effectively help you in eliminating the feedback issues in your PA systems.

Clear mixes, Recordings and Productions

When you master recognizing the problematic frequencies, it can improve your mixing skills magically and rapidly.

 For Better Mixing Develop Critical Listening Skills

With time you can develop your ears to mix like a pro and can be able to handle critical mixings with several tracks.


So, should you buy Quiztones?

Definitely, with just under 5 bucks it’s not a bad deal. You can try this out and believe me, you will soon get the results.

Check out the customer review for Quiztones on the official iTunes store 

Do share this review with others so that others could also get the benefit of this great EQ-based ear training app.

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