PreSonus Studio Series Audio Interfaces: 25% Price Drop

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Hey guys, PreSonus has just dropped the price for their select studio series USB audio interfaces. Probably they reconsidered the price due to black Friday.

However the new price for some of their audio interfaces are,

  • Studio 2|6 – 174.95 | save $25
  • Studio 6|8 – $249.95 | save $50
  • Studio 18|10 – $299.95 | save $100
  • Studio 18|24 – $399.95 | save $100

The Studio 2|6 is a powerful, solidly built and easy to use an audio interface that comes with professional software at no charge, but its most important feature is that it sounds great.

The other benefit new users get is a limited time offer: You will get Channel Strip Collection for FREE until December 31, 2018, which will save you approx $80 more.

PreSonus Studio Series Audio Interfaces (Short Review)

PreSonus Studio USB series audio interfaces are USB audio interfaces. As per the review by pros, they perform well even you are using them for fully professional audio recording.

If you are considering to buy a new USB audio interface, this series would be the best choice for you.

Presonus Studio 26

Presonus Studio 26 Audio Interface - Unboxing & Overview

PreSonus Studio 26 USB interface is a USB bus-powered audio interface that means you can use it as a portable audio interface for outside use.

It has mic/instrument/line inputs with XMAX-L mic preamps as well as 4 balanced ¼” TRS outputs. Other common features are 1 headphone out and midi in/out. It supports 24bit depth recording up to 192kHz sampling frequency.

Checkout PreSonus 26

Presonus Studio 68

Presonus Studio 68 review

This audio interface is not bus powered and requires an external power source. So you can’t use it outside.

Features with simultaneous I/O up to 6 inputs/6 outputs (4x4 at 192 kHz), this USB interface could be a good choice for a small home studio. As the inputs and outputs are sufficient for a small band you can use it for live recording too.

Checkout PreSonus 68

Presonus Studio 1810

PreSonus Studio 1810 and Studio 1824 USB Audio Interfaces Intro | Full Compass

With more inputs and outputs this audio interface will make your studio a full band recording studio.

You can use it in live recording as well as live stage performances. It has a massive number of I/O up to 18 inputs/8 outputs (8x6 at 192 kHz).

You will get Studio One software with this audio interface as well as UC Surface control software for Mac, Windows, iPad®, and Android™.

As I have mentioned at first along with other studio series audio interfaces you also get Studio Magic Plug-in Suite absolutely free, including Channel Strip Collection.

Checkout PreSonus 1810

Presonus Studio 1824

Unboxing the Presonus Studio 1824 and First Impressions

Outputs are not sufficient in Studio 1810? Then head over to Presonus studio 1824 which features up to 18 inputs/18 outputs simultaneously (8x8 at 192 kHz) which is not only useful for recording but monitoring several speakers and sends.

You can use this audio interface for many purposes including send/return external; effects, connecting huge mixers, or even monitoring 5.1 speaker system for movie backgrounds.

Checkout PreSonus 1824

Read more on Presonus official website

If you have used them then comment below about your experience with these audio interfaces. Your comment will help our readers to choose the right gears. We always appreciate valuable comments.

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