Pop Vocal Mixing Tips: Adding ✔️ Reverb And Delay In Pop Vocals

Audio mixing is very vast. There are several music genres around the world. All genres are different and demand a different kind of mixing techniques. The pop genre is I think the most popular genre in the world and a good catch on pop mixing can give you a good business.

Pop is highly dependent on the vocals. So the priority is to master on pop vocals. You should have the right technique in your hand to mix pop vocals.

In this article, I have 2 videos for you where music producer and tutor Austin Hull from Orlando will give you some basic tips on pop vocal mixing.

In a pretty short space of time, Austin has made his mark in the music industry with his hard work and self-determination. And in his 2 years of professional career, he worked with over 300 individual artists.

Pop Vocal Mixing Video Tips

In these 2 videos, Austin shares his knowledge of ‘Pop Vocals ‘ and help make your vocals crystal clear. How to apply the right amount of reverb and delay, to stereo widening and thickening up your vocals, all the pro tips are given in these videos.

You can get the knowledge of simple but effective effects and techniques to create a ton more interest in your vocal line.

In these videos, he teaches, to add vocal harmonies, vocoders, and clearing glitch vocal chops to the mix. You will learn something creative and special with him.

And do you know what is the beauty of these tips? They just aren’t limited to pop vocals but used in other application too, like synth lines, drums, FX, just about anything.

Note: If you want the full course of all 11 videos, you have to pay $14.99 or join a membership plan on Austin Hull’s website here.

Well, without wasting your time here are these 2 videos make sure to watch all the videos to master yourself in Pop vocals.


Tech Tips Volume 39 - Pop Vocals Special with Austin Hull - Introduction

Reverb and delay sends

Tech Tips Volume 39 - Pop Vocals Special with Austin Hull - Reverb and Delay Sends

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