Neat Bumblebee II Review | Best USB Podcast Mic in 2023?

Neat Bumblebee has recently launched the “Neat Bumblebee II USB condenser mic” which is the flagship product of Neat Mic.

This is an unbiased Neat Bumblebee II mic review in which I have provided you with all the features, pros and cons, and all other details of this mic so that you could figure out that should you go with this or not.

If you are searching for a USB condenser mic for podcasting under $100 then you should read this review till the end.

Neat Bumblebee II USB Condenser Mic for Podcast

neat bumblebee ii podcast mic review

Neat Bumblebee II has gained a lot of attention from content creators in the last few weeks. The plug-and-play functionality, crisp and clear audio quality, and compact size made it one o the best pick for a podcaster or live streamer.

And the best thing is, it costs you under 100 bucks which is quite a good deal as there are no more USB condenser mics available in this price range.

The 24kb/96 kHz audio engine and high-quality diaphragm allow it to serve the best possible audio quality made it the first choice among the podcasters.

Well, one thing to note is that it’s a condenser mic so there is some background noise it can capture which you should minimize otherwise your audio quality will be ruined.

If you have a well soundproof room then it works like a charm. It looks really cool as it gives your studio a radio-style look with its up-side-down stands.

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Well, you can also use it as a desktop mic right above your computer table. The flexibility of this mic will make it one of the first choices of podcasters in near future.

The minimal look contains only a mute button and a volume knob makes it very easy to handle.

Note: It’s a plug-and-play device so you don’t need any software. Just plug this mic into your computer’s USB port and it will install its inbuilt driver on the computer. After then you can use it with any DAW or streaming app.

Let’s have a look into the feature of Neat Bumblebee II USB microphone.

Neat Bumblebee II Features

Basic Features

  • It provides the full-range 24 bit/96 kHz audio quality.
  • Neat Bumblebee II is a desktop USB mic so you can use it right above your computer table.
  • It is ideal for Ideal for livestreamers, gamers, podcasters, musicians, Youtubers etc.
  • Comes with Cardioid polar pattern which rejects unwanted external sounds. However, you need a quite room as condenser mics always tend to capture background noise.
  • This is a plug and play USB mic that does not need seperate driver to install on your computer. Just plug the device and it’s ready to go.
  • Near zero latency Hi-Fi headphone monitoring amp provided in headphone connection circuit.
  • Mix control given to monitor source and playback.
  • Desktop and Boom Mounting avaiable.
  • USB type-C connector. Cable included.

Technical Features That I like

  • Up to 128 dB SPL which is enough to handle high decibal sounds.
  • Dynamic range: 114 dB. Quite good dymaic range as compared to other same range USB mics.
  • Audio Signal quality: 24 bit/96 kHz
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz. But I think it’s not the same as claimed by the company. The bass side is bt weak.

Neat Bumblebee II Pros and Cons

neat bumblebee ii features

Let’s look into the pros and cons of Neat Bumblebee II mic.


  • It has both mounting and desktop placement option.
  • The diaphargm is made of high quality material which insures the high quality audio capturing.
  • Cardion polar pattern is useful in rejection fo unwanted background sound.
  • It has USB-C type connector which can connect modern laptops with USB-C connector.
  • Neat Bumblebee II records in 24 bit/96 kHz HD audio.
  • Affordable pricing.


  • Company claims the frequency response is 20 Hz – 20 kHz which I think is not that true.
  • There is a boost in high-mid frequency range made the sound a bit harsh.

Neat Bumblebee II USB Podcast mic: In Detail

Now let’s have a look into the features of Neat Bumblebee II podcast mic in detail.

First off,

Build Quality

The body is made of high-quality composite material which makes it durable. the sand is also made of the same composite material.

The condenser capsule is internally shock-mounted. This shock mounting feature protects the capsule from rough handling. This is the feature that I really like in this mic as other mics in this range do not have this.

The sturdy yoke-mounted desk stand gives it stability on any surface.


neat bumblebee ii controls

On the front side, you will get a mute switch along with a volume knob. The minimalist control makes it handy also for non-geeky individuals.

Except the volume knob and mute button, there is nothing more to discuss the controls in this mic.

Yes, you can see a beautiful Neat branding just below the mute button.

There is also a light indicator provided above the mute button.

Sound Quality

Neat bumblebee II is has a permanently polarized 25mm condenser capsule that powers up its audio capturing.

This capsule is made of high-quality material which ensures that you get high-quality audio.

Also, this USB mic provides full-range 24 bit/96 kHz audio that’s great to record high-depth audio files like high-end audio interfaces.


neat bumblebee ii podcast mic review

On the backside of Neat Bumblebee II, you will get two connections.

  • 1/8″ Headphone connection – You can monitor your voice through this connection. You can connect any headphone through this connection beacuse this mic features zero latency high fidelity monitoring headphone amp.
  • USB-C output connection – A USB-C connection is given to connect with your PC/Laptop. This provides high-speed data transfer rate.

Placement Features

neat bumblebee ii mounting

You can place Neat Bumblebee II on your desktop as well as mount it from up to downward direction. The desk stand given in this mic is removable so you can remove this and use boom mounting stands to mount this mic from up to downward direction.

This feels really cool like radio station podcasting. the Cardioid polar pattern allows you to record noise-free audio while mounting from up to downward direction.

My Verdict About Neat Bumblebee II USB Mic

Well, above we have discussed all the features, pros, and cons of Neat Bumblebee II USB mic. We have also seen some of its features in detail.

After reviewing this mic I can say that this would become one of the best podcast mics in 2023. The affordable pricing, internally shock-mounted condenser capsule, Cardioid polar patterns, and two ways of placement makes it a good choice for podcasters, YouTubers, and live streamers.

However, there are some harsh frequencies in the higher middle range yet it’s acceptable compared to other mics in the same price range.

So, I will give this mic 7 out of 10. If you buy this mic then don’t forget to let others know its pros and cons in the comment section.


Is Neat Bumblebee II best for Beginner Podcasters and YouTubers?

Yes, it’s affordable and has a high-quality mic that best fits the needs of podcasters and Youtubers.

Does Neat Bumblebee II provides good audio quality?

The internally shock-mounted, medium-sized 25mm condenser capsule and full-range 24 bit/96 kHz audio transfer allows it to produce good quality audio.

Can I use Neat Bumblebee II in my home studio?

Neat Bumblebee II is specially built for Podcasters and YouTubers. it’s not ideal for singers, however, if your budget is low to afford an audio interface and high range condenser mic then you can give it a try.

Can I use Neat Bumblebee II with my computer?

Yes, it’s a USB mic that doesn’t need an audio interface. You can plug and play this device on your computer.

How much does Neat Bumblebee II costs?

According to the official website, Neat Neat Bumblebee II $99.99.

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