Watch In-Depth Video Demos of Polyend + Dreadbox Medusa Synthesizer

01-Polyend Dreadbox Medusa-Part 1: Analog Oscillators

Marc Doty  a synthesist has shared recently a series of in-depth videos about the sound and features of Polyend + Dreadbox Medusa synthesizer.

If you don’t know about Medusa then I would tell you that it’s a hybrid synth which combines the Dreadbox’s analog synth design with Polyend’s digital sequencing as well as sequencing capabilities.

Here are some features of Polyend + Dreadbox Medusa synthesizer.

  • You can choose any modulation parameter per pad for X and Y pressure axis.
  • There are Three sequencing modes: step, live and incremental.
  • You can store 256 independent sequences and voice presets.
  • Features 64 fully responsive and customizable, three-dimension expressive pads.
  • Parameter locks, Sequence notes or even entire synth voice presets.
  • Features with both a sequencer and musical controller fixed in one powerful Grid.
  • Onboard advanced voice and sequence randomizer.
  • All necessary Grid information is given on a crispy OLED display.
  • Customizable user menus.


Check out the full video series on Polyend + Dreadbox Medusa synthesizer created by Marc Doty.

You can also check out the details of Polyend + Dreadbox Medusa synthesizer by visiting their official website here.

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