Watch In-Depth Video Demos of Polyend + Dreadbox Medusa Synthesizer

Marc Doty a synthesist has shared recently a series of in-depth videos about the sound and features of the Polyend + Dreadbox Medusa synthesizer.

If you don’t know about Medusa then I would tell you that it’s a hybrid synth that combines the Dreadbox’s analog synth design with Polyend’s digital sequencing as well as sequencing capabilities.

The Medusa Synthesizer is a combination of Dreadbox and Polyend.

Both the companies worked together to integrate analog and digital domains into one box and with totally new quality.

This classical way of connecting an analog synthesis character with the digital one made a unique musical controller. This simple but great fusion brings something that you’ve never been experienced before.

In this synthesizer, all that analog and digital functionality are merged together in one clearly marked layout assembled in a sealed tabletop aluminum chassis.

Equipped with handily placed aluminum-covered knobs and informative LED buttons it’s very easy to use.

The Grid pads are made of silicone which is specifically designed for Polyend.

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Here are some features of the Polyend + Dreadbox Medusa synthesizer.

  • You can choose any modulation parameter per pad for X and Y pressure axis.
  • There are Three sequencing modes: step, live and incremental.
  • You can store 256 independent sequences and voice presets.
  • Features 64 fully responsive and customizable, three-dimension expressive pads.
  • Parameter locks, Sequence notes or even entire synth voice presets.
  • Features with both a sequencer and musical controller fixed in one powerful Grid.
  • Onboard advanced voice and sequence randomizer.
  • All necessary Grid information is given on a crispy OLED display.
  • Customizable user menus.


Check out the full video series on Polyend + Dreadbox Medusa synthesizer created by Marc Doty.

You can also check out the details of the Polyend + Dreadbox Medusa synthesizer by visiting their official website here.

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