The Latest LoopCloud 5 Review and Guide [2024]

In this article, you will read the new Loopcloud 5 Review and guide. Read this review till the end.

Today, there are countless loops and sample libraries are available in the market. The need for loops and samples in music production made a wide market of loops and sample libraries, hence there are countless companies providing Loop and sample libraries.

BUT, when we talk about top-notch players in this industry, there are only a few. Splice, Loopmaster’s LoopCloud, etc, are the companies that are in the first row of loops and sample library providers.

In this article, you will read the latest Loopcloud 5 review.

First off,

What is Loopcloud

Loopcloud full interface

Loopcloud is a web-based loops and samples provider and editor.

They charge a monthly subscription fee to use their online service. However, the subscription fee is quite affordable suitable for all types of music producers.

Do you know? You can get Loopcloud as lowest as $7.99/month.

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There are 3 subscription plans available for Loopcloud.

  • Artist – $7.99/Month
  • Studio – $11.99/Month
  • Professional – $21.99/Month

With 3.5 million (daily update) loops and samples, Loopcloud is the best sample manager on the web.

System requirements

• OSX 10.10 and later
• 64-bit standalone application, 32 and 64-bit plugins.
Windows PC
• Windows 8 and later
• 32-bit and 64-bit support
The Loopcloud preview plugin is available in 32 and 64bit versions on the PC. An AAX version is available.
Loopcloud instrument plugins are 64-bit only.

However, Loopcloud is a web-based software, you have to download and install the Loopcloud client to run this software on your PC, iPad, or iMac.

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How Loopcloud helps indie producers

loopcloud indie producers

Loopcloud is a web-based loop and samples manager that comes with more than 3.5 million samples. New samples added on daily basis.

The web-based operation makes it a perfect sample manager for indie producers.

Especially for those who are producers as well as performers. Most of the time, performers are out of their home for concert tours, etc.

In between tours, composing music for an upcoming album is tough due to the lack of studio equipment.

In this situation, Loopcloud will help those performers to produce music straight from their Laptops.

There are some other features of Loopcloud that benefit indie producers over other sample managers.

Let us see them.

  • Web-based platform – Web-based platform makes it extremely mobile. You can produce your music on the go. Just you need is a high-speed internet connection.
  • Loops and samples built for indies – In Loopcloud the loops and samples have been created keeping in mind the needs of indie producers.
  • Supports any audio device – Loopcloud not only supports ASIO audio interfaces but also the laptop’s internal soundcard. You can use that soundcard to operate Loopcloud.

Loopcloud features

loopcloud features

Loopcloud is a feature-rich loop and sample library cum manager where you can not just download your samples but edit them under Loopcloud and produce the final rhythm track for your project.

Let us see it’s core features in short then we’ll discuss them in detail.

  • Compact and easy to use interface – Loopcloud 5 comes with a new interface that has a compact view, perfect for working in split-screen mode.
  • Royalty-Free Samples library with millions of loops and samples
  • Advanced Searching for Samples
  • The Multi-track Sampling feature – Loopcloud 5 has a multitrack sampling feature that allows you to create multitrack samples in the editor.
  • Auto arrange samples into patterns features
  • The VST Bridge – VST bridge has several top VST plugins to create samples in Loopcloud.
  • Cloud Storage – Cloud storage allows you to save your samples on a web server that you can access them from anywhere in the world.

Loopcloud in action

Now let us discuss Loopcloud core features in detail.

First off…

Royalty-Free Samples library

Loopcloud 5 comes with over 3.5 million loops and samples scattered in 70+ genres all around the world.

loopcloud 5 genre

Loopcloud’s samples library updates on a daily basis with new loops and sound. All the sounds are available in multi-format and 24 Bit depth. That means you can use them in 44.1 kHz, 48kHz, 96kHz, and even 192kHz.

But, you need a stable and fast internet connection as well as a supported audio interface to use the sounds in higher sample rates.

Advanced Searching for Samples

There is an advanced search feature available in Loopcloud to search best fits among 3.5 million sample library.

advanced search for samples

You can search sample as per Instruments, Genres, Labels, Formats as well as Key and BPM. Whatever your needs, Loopcloud will serve you within a few seconds.

Also, you will get a search box where you can type specific queries for your loops and samples.

loopcloud search box

The Multi-track Sampling feature

The multitrack sampling feature is that I really love. This is the feature that differentiates this amazing sample manager from others.

This allows you to edit more multiple instruments in different tracks to form your samples and mix them the same as a traditional DAW.

multitrack sampling looploud

As you can see in the above image, this feature has a dedicated multitrack sample editor and with reverb, delay, and other plugin support, VST instruments, a dedicated mixer, and a drag and drop sample library.

With all these functions, you can easily create your beats and loops.

Auto arrange samples into patterns features

There is an amazing feature available in Loopcloud called Auto to arrange. With this feature, you can automatically convert samples into patterns with one click.

This feature is just like FL studio which is an offline loop and sample editor.

The VST Bridge

Loopcloud 5 comes with 100+ different instruments that allow you to create your own loops and samples.

loopcloud instruments

With Loopcloud VST bridge, you can create loops and samples in 70+ genres around the world including, Rock, Pop, Indian, Asian, etc.

All the VST instruments are arranged as per the parent category such as Bass, Drum, Cymbal, etc so that you cannot get confused when choosing them.

All the VST instruments support sample rates up to 192 kHz and 24bit. SO, you will get amazing quality in your loops.

To use those instruments, you just have to click on them and the instrument will open inside the editor window.

Plugin Support

loopcloud plugins

Another new feature added in Loopcloud is Plugins.

You will get a total of six effect types that include; Filter, Reverb, Delay, Panner, and two extreme pitching/vinyl-type effects.

When I was using them, I got into the result that Reverb and Delay are of superb quality. However, this does not mean others are bad.

Filter, Panner, Pitching, and Vinyl effects are also good if you use them correctly.

These effects help you out a lot when editing the samples in Loopcloud’s editor window. You can add and customize those effects to any track individually as well as on the master track, just like any other DAW.

To use plugins in a track you just have to click on the Plus(+) button located right side of the tracks as shown in the image below.

loopcloud plugins

Cloud Storage

Last but not least the cloud storage provided by Loopcloud where you can save all your samples and loops is very helpful for traveling guys.

Yes, you can save your created loops and samples online and use them from anywhere in the world, of course, it needs a fast internet connection.

loopcloud cloud storage

The storage facility given by Loopcloud indexes and protects your samples from being lost, damaged, or stolen.

How does Loopcloud work and why should you use it?


Now we are aware of the core features of Loopcloud 5, it’s time to know actually how does Loopcloud works and why should you use it?

Loopcloud is actually a mix of web-based DAW and sample manager where you can compose with given VST instruments, edit clips, add effects, import external sounds, and export your creations or store them online.

BUT, it’s not a complete DAW as from the name we know it’s a sample manager, it’s best for editing and managing your loops and samples.

SO, we can call it a full-featured sample manager.

Now, you know how this online loop and sample library works.

But, how it’s beneficial for you and why should you use Loopcloud 5?

There are many ways Loopcloud 5 will be beneficial for you. Such as,

  • If you are a rhythm composer then you will get access to over 3.5 million high-quality loops and samples.
  • Loopcloud 5 is the first online multitrack loop editor in the world so you can easily combine and customize the loops and samples.
  • As Loopcloud is a cloud-based software you can access it from anywhere in the world, as far as you have a good internet connection.
  • However, for higher sample rates, you need a professional audio interface, Loopcloud supports the computer’s native soundcard in lower sample rates. So, even you don’t have a professional audio interface, you can arrange your beats with native sound cards.
  • It’s great for both stage performances and studio recordings. With the easy dashboard and high-quality loops, it’s equally useful for both types of operations.

SO, there are several benefits of having a cloud-based loop editor over desktop software.

How to use Loopcloud and your DAW side by side

loopcloud daw sync

The beauty of Loopcloud 5 is you can use it with your DAW side by side. Just like FL Studio and other VST loop and sample editors.

It’s very simple to sync Loopcloud with your DAW. As we know, Loopcloud runs through software that you have to download and install on your device from the Loopcloud website.

The same software acts as a VST instrument in any DAW. To use Loopcloud with a DAW, you have to create a new instrument track in your DAW and then add That Loopcloud plugin in the instrument track.

That’s it,

Now Loopcloud is in sync with your DAW. When you press the play button in your DAW, Loopcloud’s play button will also get activated.

Your creations will play in the same tempo set in your DAW. Producing music by synching Loopcloud with DAW is very simple and effective.

New features in Loopcloud 5.0

loopcloud 5 new features

There are some great features added in Loopcloud 5.

  • There are 2 new instruments ie; Loopcloud Drum and Loopcloud Play added in Loopcloud 5. Curated by top artists and exclusive labels these 2 instruments have thousands of sounds.
  • The new interface has a brand new compact look, that works great in split-screen mode.
  • The new pitch per region feature allows you to create signature basslines, percussion parts, and arpeggios.
  • The new multi-track editor allows you to merge sounds and samples that open the limitless possibilities in beat making. In Loopcloud you 8 tracks are given to audition samples and patterns together.

Well, here were the main features that have been added to Loopcloud 5.

What I like about Loopcloud 5

There are multiple things I like in Loopcloud 5. Let me point out all of them.

  • The first thing I like about Loopcloud 5 is it’s a cloud-based sample manager that gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere. All you need just a fast internet connection and you will be able to create thriving beats and samples right inside your car, bedroom, a park.
  • The second thing which is a new feature introduced in Loopcloud 5 is the Multitrack Editor. With this feature, I get up to 8 tracks to audition samples and patterns together and create something that would never be possible with a single-track editor.
  • The instrument Library in Loopcloud is insane. I can use more than 100 instruments literally from every genre in the world. No other loop and sample editor can beat Loopcloud’s instrument library.

What I don’t like in Loopcloud 5

However, there are only a few drawbacks, but I want to mention here them so that you would be able to decide whether you should go with this or not.

  • The first one I don’t like about Loopcloud is, it’s cloud software that needs a fast internet connection. Many Tier-2 and Tier-3 countries don’t have that fast internet, even today. If you live in those countries like India, you can face buffering. If it was desktop-based software, then this problem would not occur.
  • The effect rack doesn’t have variations. Only one delay, reverb, etc are given there. It needs some more effects to try some variations.
  • Loopcloud subscription needs a credit card. In Tier-2 and Tier-3 countries, most of the people don’t have credit cards. So, it was great if there were some other subscription payment options given. I hope, Loopcloud will take it seriously.

Loopcloud VS Splice

There are no other cloud-based loop and sample manager in the world that is near Loopcloud except Splice. So there’s no other choice except Splice to compare with Loopcloud.

Well, let’s start the comparison.

  • Splice works as a VST plugin syncing with your DAW, not as standalone software. Where Loopcloud is a complete standalone software that can also work with your DAW as a VST instrument.
  • Loopcloud 5 has a multitrack editing feature where Splice doesn’t have anything like this.
  • Loopcloud’s library is much bigger than Splice. No doubt, Splice has also a great loop and sample library.
  • Loopcloud easily runs with your device’s sound card while Splice cannot. Splice needs a DAW to run as a VST so you need an ASIO audio interface to run this software.
  • Splice has a great feature ie; Rent to Own Plugins. Loopcloud doesn’t have that type of feature.
  • If we talk about the pricing, both Splice and Loopcloud have the same basic plans ie; $7.99/Month.

My Verdict

Well, now you have all the information about Loopcloud, It’s time for my verdict on Loopcloud.

I have been using Loopcloud for more than 5 months and what I got in these 5 months is a software that can fulfill all your Loops and samples needs. No doubt which genre you are in.

With a big Loops and samples library, divided into genres all around the world and a great interface with the multitrack editor, It has all the things that you need as a music producer.

And the best thing is, you can start with just a $7.99/month subscription plan.

I have been using it constantly and suggest others also use it.

Now, it all depends on you if you are going with this amazing online Loop and sample manager or not.

You can test it by signing up for 1-month trial. If it satisfies your needs then you can continue or you can opt-out from the plan anytime.

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