Friday Freeware: GT Analyzer Plug-in by Gramotech

Today’s Friday Freeware is GT Analyzer by Gramotech.

In audio mixing, analyzing the frequency graph is a good practice as it gives you the accurate measures of frequency. You can’t rely on just your ears to get the best mix. Spectrum analyzers help in there a lot. They come in packaged with some DAWs as well as available as separate plugins.

There are many free and paid spectrum analyzer plugins are available in the market. Gramotech’s GT analyzer is one of the best spectrum analyzers in them. Gramotech just launched this plugin and the best thing is it’s absolutely free.

GT Spectrum Analyzer By Gramotech

Let us know some feature of GT Analyser.

  • Decay time – Decay time controls how long it takes the signal to decay after a peak.
  • Hold time –  You can hold long peaks to stay at their maximum before decaying. You can set the peaks hold forever by setting hold time 10 seconds.
  • Channels selector –  You can change which channels are visible on the spectrum.
  • Ramp –  Also you can tilt the signal without changing the actual audio signal. It gives a more natural look of the frequency content.
  • Range –   Range selection specifies the Decibel range of the spectrum.
  • Block selector – You can also change the block size used to render the spectrum.
  • Compatibility –  Its compatible with Windows and Mac and supports VST3 and AU algorithms.

If you want to analyze frequencies precisely then this plugin is made for you. It gives very accurate results so you can analyze also the subtle changes in the frequency graph.

Download GT Analyzer Free

Watch this video tutorial on using spectrum analyzer in audio mixing

Use Spectrum Analyzer To Make Your Mixes Sound Better

If you know other free plugins which can help others to grow, suggest us to include in our Friday freeware database. Comment below with the plugin link.

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