Acustica Audio’s Greg Wells Signature Compressor EL Rey Released

Acoustica Audio released their awaiting El Rey Signature Compressor. Now its available in the market. Studio DMI and GRAMMY®-winning producer/mixer Greg Wells exclusively collaborate to develop this tube compressor.

It is an emulation of the tube compressors used by TV, AM & FM broadcasting companies and recording studios in the 50s and 60s.

El Rey brings ultra-smooth, velvety and unprecedentedly musical compression to the digital domain, like never before. 

Acustica Audio’s esoteric touch works in the backend to powerup sonic soul of this unit over from hardware to a world dominated by DAW-based studios.

You can give your productions an extremely articulate analog tone with EL Rey compressor.

Here are some features of this compressor

  • Signature presets from the top industry’s pros.
  • Emulation of classic tube compressor used in the 50’s 60’s in Radio and TV stations.
  • Acoustica Studio’s Voodoo technology to expand the essence of this plugin
  • 1st choice of many Grammy winner artists and engineers Dave Pensado, Jason Evigan, Joe Chiccarelli, Serban Ghenea, Alan Meyerson, David Kalmusky, Mark ‘Spike’ Stent, Busbee, and Mark Rubel

Price: €148.00

Download Trial and other details

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