Friday Freeware: In Session Audio Fruit Shake, Fingerlab Virtual Mellotron(iOS)

Welcome to our Friday freeware article. Today we are going to introduce you the 2 recently released free software.

The 1st is In session fruit shake for Kontakt player and the 2nd is Fingerlab Virtual Mellotron for iOS.

In Session Audio’s “Fruit Shake” for Kontakt Player

In Session audio has announced that they are released fruit shake for Kontakt player.

In this, you will find 4 fruit-shaped shakers with 1 carrot as well as an easy to use UI based on In Session Audio’s Shimmer Shake Strike percussion engine.

This will be very useful for rappers as it has beautiful shaker sounds which you can use in your projects.

Fruit shake is free only for limited time so if you want to use this sample library just download today.

You can try Fruit shake here from their official website

Here is the demo video for In session audio’s fruit shake

Fingerlab Virtual Mellotron(iOS)

If you have an iOS you probably used that to play virtual instruments. It’s so simple. Just download the app from app store and play your instrument right in your iOS.

Now one more virtual instrument is added to the iOS platform. Fingarlab Mellowsound, a virtual Mellotron.

The basic instrument is available for free to download which offers you 3 sounds includes Flute, Clarinet & Sax. You can also buy other tones as in-app purchases.

Features of Fingarlab Mellotron

  • 3 free tones (Flute, Clarinet, Sax)
  • Classic settings like Volume, Tone & Pitch changers.
  • Metronome included
  • A basic mixer (instrument & Metronome, Volume & Pan)
  • You will get MIDI support so that you could use it as MIDI instrument with your DAW.
  • AudioBus support

Feature in full version

  • 14 instrument sounds (including Electric guitar, Vibraphone Sad Strings and more)
  • 3 types of FX : Tremolo, Delay & Reverb
  • Live Recording facility

Download Fingarlab Mellowsound here

Watch the demo

Mellowsound - The Mellotron for iPad and iPhone - by Fingerlab

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