4 Free Virtual Guitar Instruments You Should Try in Your Mix

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Are you a pop music producer and finding some cool but free guitar plugins for your DAW Then here are 4 guitar plugins you should try out? All the plugins listed here are available for free download. Just download them and enjoy.

Don’t underestimate them because of the free. They are quite powerful plugins and you will get to know when you use them. So here is the list of 5 free guitar plugins.

4 Free Guitar VST Instruments You Must Try Out

1. Steinberg VB-1

Steinberg VB-1

Stenberg VB-1 is a bass guitar plugin which makes you able to play acoustic ballads to an upbeat country with just one plugin. It a Mac and PC compatible virtual guitar instrument which you can operate with your midi device.

It’s not as effective as a professional virtual Bass Guitar instrument like Spectrasonics Trilian but for free its a good start.

You must check out this free bass guitar plugin for some cool pop music production.

Download Steinberg VB-1

2. Ample Guitar M Lite II

Ample Guitar M Lite II

If you are finding an acoustic guitar virtual instrument then you must try out Ample Guitar M lite II. However, this virtual instrument has a premium version the lite version is also very powerful.

It has a pretty user interface with acoustic guitar in front and some knobs faders as well as a keyboard. Its tone is not as real as the professional one, ie; MusicLab Real Guitar but you can enjoy it.

Download Ample Guitar M lite II

3. LePou Amp Suite

LePou Amp Suite free guitar plugin

Do you want a free guitar amp simulator for your studio? If yes then go for LEPou Amp suite. It has some great amp simulations that will give you a close to real amp tone. This amp suite has 6 plugins – HyBrit – LE456 – Lecto – Legion – Lextac – SoloC. These 6 plugins will cover all the guitar genres from rock to metal.

Download LePou Amp Suite

4. Kelab Spicy Guitar

Kelab Spicy free Guitar plugin

This is another free acoustic guitar synthesizer. It is physically modeled from real acoustic guitars so sounds rich, natural and lively. Here are some features of this virtual guitar instrument.

  • 5 guitarist playing techniques
  • physical based sound design
  • astonishing expressivity
  • 2 types of strings, 9 guitars
  • 2 positions, many types of chords
  • easy-to-use strumming engine
  • only 10 MB space needed

Download Kelab Spicy Guitar

If you know some great free plugins then suggest us to include in our Friday freeware database. Comment below with the plugin link.

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