Free 100 Year Old Piano Sample Pack For Ableton Live and Logic

AfroDJMac whose real name is Brian Funk has just created a Free 100 Year Old Piano Sample Pack. This sample pack recently works with Logic Pro & Ableton Live. But in the future, he is going to release it for all major DAWs.

He says, about 15 years ago, he bought a 1913 Kranich & Bach upright piano from the local army.

According to the piano’s condition, it was clear that those who owned it were played a lot. The finish and color on the keys were faded, and the hammers are worn down from the keys, some of the pedals even didn’t work.

The piano was making a lot of mechanical noises.

He used this piano in his many recordings over the past 15 years. Although, there are good piano VSTs available almost in all DAWs playing this piano made him feel vintage which was never been with any piano VST.

They don’t have these idiosyncrasies, these specific noises some of the hammers make, or the spirit of the players that left this piano behind. So I wanted to capture that and give it to you.

You can take a demo for this Piano sample, have a look in this video.

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AfroDJMac has also some other useful sample packs. Check out his website for free Ableton Live Pack 175 as well as other sample libraries created by him.

Source Article – Free 100 Year Old Piano Instrument For Ableton Live & Logic Pro

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