Eventide SplitEQ Review 2024 [Best Parametric Equalizer in 2024?]

Eventide SplitEQ is the new addition to the large product list of Eventide, the 50 years old plugin and effect unit manufacturer.

This equalizer VST plugin is based on “transient shaping” and “structural split” technology which makes it stand out from the crowd.

In this article, I’m going to share my honest Eventide SplitEQ review in which I have given my point of view, pros and cons along with the features and other details.

If you are planning to buy Eventide SplitEQ, this review will help you to make a better decision.

So, without wasting any more time let’s jump into the review.

Eventide SplitEQ Product Summery and Insights

Technology used Transient shaping and Structural split technology
Plugin TypeAAX, VST2, AU, VST3 (64-bit only)
System requirementsWindows 8 and later, macOS 10.9 and later (64-bit only)
Can be usedAudio mixing and mastering
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Eventide SplitEQ review 2022

Eventide SplitEQ is based on transient shaping and structural split technology which is very similar to “FabFilter Pro Q3“. but structural split technology is introduced in Eventide SplitEQ which is the USP of this equalizer plugin.

Let’s have a look, what are transient shaping and structural split technology.

Transient shaping allows you to control the transient response and the envelope curve of a particular part of the spectrum without affecting the level of the overall spectrum.

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Structural split technology divides incoming audio into separate transient and tonal streams and feeds them to 8 separate bands. As a result, you will get a highly innovative EQ design helpful for both corrective and creative EQ applications.

SplitEQ uses ‘Structural Split engine’ along with transient shaping to transform your equalizing experience in the mixing.

Eventide SplitEQ’s panel consists of six flexible bands along with high-pass and low-pass bands.

Each band has slopes that can be adjusted from 6 to 96 dB/Oct. You can choose between Peak, Notch, Bandpass, High Shelf, Low Shelf, and Tilt filter shapes to adjust the bands according to your needs.

All the bands have the enable/disable node. You can use these numbered nodes to enable or disable the band and adjust the Q with the modifier key.

When you hover over a node, SplitEQ shows you a blue Tonal tab and a green Transient tab. SplitEQ allows you to select and move only the Transient tab or Tonal tab.

You can balance transient and tone one by one. This arrangement provides you the facility to apply both types of EQ in one panel.

Pro and Cons of Eventide SplitEQ

Let’s take a look into the pros and cons of Eventine SplitEQ.


  • Intuitive dashboard which helps you speed up your worflow
  • Clean and high quality sound
  • You get 2 features in one EQ plguin ie; Tonal balance and transient shaping.


  • Costly
  • There is no numeric readings on controls
  • Not a practical option for short transient shaping

Key Features of Eventide SplitEQ

  • 8-band parametric EQ with seperate filters.
  • Structural Split technology allows you to control EQ Transient and Tonal parts of a sound separately.
  • The continuous Transient and Tonal panning controls allows you to Enhance the stereo-field.
  • There are 8 filter types avaiable ie; Peak, Notch, Bandpass, High Shelf, Low Shelf, Tilt Shelf, High Pass, and Low Pass supports slopes from 6 to 96 dB/octave.
  • SliptEQ comes with real-time spectrum analyzer which helps you to monitor the Transient and Tonal streams independently.
  • 150+ presets.
  • A/B testing is available.

Features That I Like in Eventide SplitEQ

Eventide SplitEQ has several attractive features. But there are three that I personally like in this equalizer plugin.

In this section, I will describe what I like in this.

First off,

Tonal balance and Transient Shaping in One Plugin

Tonal balance and Transient Shaping

Eventide SplitEQ features both tonal balance and transient shaping which you can control separately. Thanks to its Structural Split technology which allows us to controls the tonal balance and transient shaping separately.

There are 6 flexible bands, 1 low-pass band, and 1 high-pass band available to apply transient shaping and tonal balance accurately.

All the bands come with Peak, Notch, Bandpass, High Shelf, Low Shelf, Tilt Shelf, High Pass, and Low Pass which help you to do your EQ without any hassle.

Before SplitEQ I was using separate plugins for transient shaping and tonal balance but this plugin allowed me to do all my EQs in one plugin.

That’s the “USP” of this EQ plugin.

Stereo Imaging

The second thing I like about SplitEQ is “Stereo Imaging”. When it comes to “pro-mixing”, stereo imaging plays the main role. IF you do this right, your mixing will rock, and taking it casually will mild down your mix.

Eventide SplitEQ has a multi-band stereo image manipulation feature that is used in Tonal and Transient elements of each frequency band.

The stereo imaging feature supports L/R and Mid/Side panning. You can use this to transform your music like never before.

If you don’t know what is stereo imaging then you should write these articles,

Real-time spectrum analyzer

Spectram analyzer helps in observing what is happening. So I always use a spectrum analyzer at the very last of the effect chain to observe the workflow.

But, that is not accurate about what is changed after applying the EQ. It shows the overall spectrum of the wave.

SplitEQ features a real-time spectrum analyzer that shows the changes applied in the equalizer. This helps you control things visually. That’s why I like this feature of SplitEQ.

Value for Money

The price of SplitEQ is $179 which is not so budget-friendly but it’s cheaper than other high-end equalizer plugins.

Other high-end equalizer plugins cost you much more than SplitEQ although, offer the same features or even fewer features.

getting a dual feature plugin with transient shaping and tonal balance specialty in just $179 bucks is really profitable.

SplitEQ is a real value for money for home studio owners and bedroom producers.

My Verdict: Do I need This?

Now, let’s come to the verdict.

I know you want me to give my verdict on this plugin but before let’s talk about its usability on your recording and mixing sessions.

SplitEQ acts as a 2-in-1 equalizer with a spectrum analyzer, so we get the double benefit in one’s price. Also, Eventide is a reputed plugin manufacturer in the world. So, the end result you’ll get is really amazing.

That’s why I will definitely go with this EQ plugin.

Best Alternatives

However, if you want some other alternatives then you can go with,

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