Eargasm Earplugs Latest Review 2023 [Best Earplugs For Live Concerts]

If you are a live singer, musician, or music freak who frequently attends live concerts, you might be familiar with earplugs. Live singers and musicians often use these high-fidelity earplugs to protect their ears from the high-level feedback sound.

Eargasm Earplugs are the topmost brand out of them.

So, in this article, I’m going to review Eargasm Earplugs for you. If you are planning to buy a high-fidelity earplug for live concerts, you should read this review before purchasing any.

In this Eargasm Earplugs review, I will cover,

Well, without wasting any more time, let’s start this review.

Why Do You Need Earplugs in Concerts?

eargasm earplugs for concerts

First of all, why do you need earplugs in live concerts?

The answer is simple; you want to protect your ears from the high-level sound that could cause hearing loss.

According to cochlea.org The human ear can listen to a specific band of frequencies and a specific range of intensities. It perceives frequencies between 20 Hz to 20 kHz and the sound intensity level, i.e., dynamic range from 0dB to 120-130 dB.

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Anything that produces sound above can harm human ears and can cause hearing loss. This hearing damage is irreversible, which means once your ears are damaged, doctors can’t repair it back.

In live concerts, the normal dynamic range slides up to 40 dB. Sometimes even 160dB.

That’s where the use of earplugs comes into play.

What to look for in an Earplug?

So, what to look into an ideal earplug? In this section, I’ll cover this.

what to look in an earplug

First off,


When it comes to comfort and durability, the material used to make earplugs matters a lot. Cheap earplugs are made of sponges or plastic, which are not durable materials. The earplugs made of these materials don’t long last.

While professional earplugs are made of silicone and other highly durable materials that long last and are more comfortable than cheap materials.

Exception: Sponge is more comfortable than silicone. However, it does not long last.

Noise Reduction Level

eargasm noise reduction filter

The only work of earplugs is to reduce the noise. When it comes to noise reduction, multiple silicone layer earplugs are much more effective than single-layer earplugs.

So, make sure the earplug you are choosing has multiple layers.

Also, the earplug should fit the ear canal to reduce noise in a better way.

An ear plug that reduces the noise anywhere from 15dB to 40dB is considered a good earplug.


Comfort is very important in the case of earplugs because often musicians wear them for hours. If the earplug is not comfortable, then you can’t wear them for a long time.

Silicone makes it very conformable for you to wear the earplug for a long time without much irritation.

Okay, I confess that wearing earplugs is irritating, but it’s important to wear them to protect your ear from permanent hearing loss. 


When you are paying money for something, you want it to be durable enough. Otherwise, your money will be lost.

As I’ve told you above, sponges and plastic are not durable materials, so if you want more durability, then you should go with earplugs that are built with silicone and other high-quality materials.

Eargasm Earplugs 7-Point Review

Now you know why you need earplugs in concerts and what to look for in an earplug before purchasing, let’s review Eargasm Earplugs so that you could evaluate this earplug with the standards that I’ve derived above.

I will divide my review into 7 parts which will give you each and every detail of this earplug.

First off,

Eargasm Earplug Features

Eargasm Earplug Features

The common features you find in an average earplug, Eargasm Earplug, provide some unique features that you should know about.

Let’s have a look at those features.

  • Eargasm earplug reduces noise evenly that maintains the full spectrum of sound while protecting hearing. A muffle or sponge earplug can’t give that kind of clarity.
  • It comes in 2 sizes that fit all types of ears.
  • Eargasm Earplugs are made of non-toxic and comfortable HYPOALLERGENIC PLUSH SILICONE that makes them long-lasting. Also, this material won’t cause itching or pressure pain. It’s ideal for long-wearing conditions such as live concerts and band practices.
  • An ERGONOMIC ALUMINUM CASE comes with a keychain attached to store your earplugs without worrying about losing them.
  • The 3 layer feature makes it perfectly fit inside your ear canal.
  • The anti-stick interior guarantees your earplugs will always be easily removable.
  • It also comes with a waterproof rubber seal that protects you from moisture, dust, and debris.
  • It reduces the noise level up to 21 dB, far better than sponge earplugs. (NRR: 16dB)
  • It’s reusable so you can use it for months. Also, you can clean this earplug easily.
  • You can easily wear it by pulling up the ear and pushing the earplug inside while twisting it. Also, pulling out is very easy. You need to locate the pull tab and gently pull the earplug from the ear canal.


When it comes to earplugs, comfort is one of the most important things you should care about. If the earplug is not comfortable to wear, you can not wear it for a long time, making the earplug useless.

It’s not the noise reduction level that you should look into an earplug very first.

It’s comfort.

Ear canal is not a straight cylindrical hole on which you can set and forget any ear plug. The very nature of an ear is to through back any foreign element outside. The same thing is applied when you wear an ear plug.

That’s why you need an earplug with grips. But, those grips can irritate. But Eargasm earplugs are made of HYPOALLERGENIC PLUSH SILICONE material that minimizes itching or pressure pain.

Eargasm’s High Fidelity earplugs got an A+ certificate in terms of comfort. It comes with a sturdy and small centerpiece wrapped inside a casing that molds. 

This makes it super easy to slide inside the ear canal.

Another important feature of the Eargasm earplug is its handy little pull tab located on the top rim of the shell. With this pull tab, you can easily remove the earplug from the ear canal.

So, please don’t panic; it won’t be stuck inside the ear canal. 😁

Filtered Sound: Is it clear?

Unlike sponge earplugs, Eargasm silicone earplugs are equipped with a sound filter that reduces the sound dynamics but does not completely cancel.

That’s why you get the low-intensity sound even after wearing the earplugs. Hence Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs are widely used in concerts where singers and instrument players need a normal level sound to sing or play with others.

Eargasm earplugs feature innovative attenuation filters made of the same material used in microphone filters. These filters reduce noise evenly to maintain the full spectrum of sound while protecting hearing, which was never possible in foam earplugs.

The evenly maintained full spectrum of sound is very helpful for live performers to remain in the game without getting out of sync.

Durability and Build Quality

If you have used foam or plastic earplugs, then you would know they are not durable. The average life of a foam earplug is 4-5 sessions, whereas a plastic earplug is 10-20 sessions.

BUT, when you start using Eargasm earplugs, you will see how durable they are.

An Eargasm earplug is easy for 365-500 sessions that are far better than a sponge and plastic earplugs.

The HYPOALLERGENIC PLUSH SILICONE used in this earplug makes it much more durable than other earplugs.

I agree that it costs a premium over others, but in my opinion, the price you pay for it is ideal for an earplug like that.

Eargasm earplugs are not just durable but easy to use and of high build quality. The silicone used in this earplug is very soft and doesn’t harm your ear whether you are continuously using them for hours.


Eargasm earplugs come with a metal case that features a key ring so that you wouldn’t lose it.

You can attach this metal case with your keys so that you can use them whenever and wherever you want.

This aluminum case comes with an anti-stick interior that guarantees earplugs will always be easily removable.

On top of that, the waterproof rubber seal used on the lid ensures their protection from moisture, dust, and debris.

Outer threading is given to prevent damage to earplugs when opening and closing the case.

Performance and Effectiveness

When I got this earplug and wore them on my ears, the experience was amazing.

For a guy, who already used the sponge earplugs, the experience of wearing Eargasm earplugs is very different.

First of all, it doesn’t cancel out the overall sound.

That’s why you will be able to listen to lower-intensity sounds. But, sponge earplugs try to cancel out the whole sound, which is not acceptable when you are playing an instrument or singing with others.

Eargasm earplugs filter out and reduce the intensity of sound but don’t cancel the whole sound. As a result, I was getting the sound even after wearing it.

One more thing I noticed was that there was not much low and high-frequency cut. The low and high-frequency cut is common when the sound intensity decreases; this effect is called the Fletcher-Munson Curve effect.

It will help if you read this article by Landr to know more about this effect.

In Eargasm earplugs, this effect does not affect much on the sound. That’s why I didn’t feel low and high-frequency cuts.

That was my experience with this earplug.

So, if you ask me about its performance, it’s far better than any other earplug. It’s highly effective in live concerts, so you should use this earplug in your upcoming concert.


Eargasm earplugs are premium earplugs and cost you more than ordinary earplugs. However, the technology used in these earplugs, their durability, and ease of use is the factors that make the price ideal.

On Amazon, you will get Eargasm earplugs from $35-$40.


Do Eargasm Earplugs come in different sizes?

Yes, Eargasm earplugs come in different sizes. Eargasm’s 3D scanning technology used in the Ear Scanner app (available for download here) makes it very easy for you to scan your ear right from your home and order as per your required ear size.

How long do Eargasm Earplugs last?

As I have told you above, the Eargasm earplugs last up to 365-500 sessions; they are used up to and over 1-3 years.

What is the difference between the High Fidelity and Smaller Ears Earplugs?

High fidelity earplugs are bigger than smaller earplugs. You can choose one as per your ear size.

How to clean Eargasm Earplugs?

Eargasm has released a video about the cleaning process of earplugs. You can see this video below to know how to clean Eargasm earplugs.

Are Eargasm Earplugs water-resistant?

No! Eargasm High Fidelity earplugs are not water-resistant.

How to Clean Eargasm Earplugs

My Verdict About Eargasm Earplugs

Well, you have read all about the Eargasm high-fidelity earplugs that are best suited for live concerts. You have also read about my experience with this high-fidelity earplug.

Now it’s time for my verdict about Eargasm Earplugs. Whom they are built for, and why should you use them?

But first, why should you use earplugs in live concerts?

If you are a live singer or an instrument player, especially a drum or bass guitar player, you must use this earplug in your concerts.

If you don’t use earplugs in live concerts, then you would lose your hearing. So, first of all, you must use earplugs in live concerts.

In live concerts, the common SPL sits between 125dB to 155dB, which is not ideal for the human ear. That’s why wearing earplugs is recommended in live concerts.

Now, why should you use Eargasm earplugs instead of others?

Eargasm earplugs don’t cancel the whole sound but only reduce it and maintain the SPL in the human audible range. That’s why you will be in sync while playing a song with others.

So, I recommend using Eargasm earplugs over others.

Now the choice is yours.

If you purchase and use Eargasm earplugs in your next concert, then let me know about your experience in the comments.

This will help others to decide on the Eargasm Earplugs.

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