4 Best Guitar Pedals for Studio Recording

best guitar pedals for studio

Guitar pedals are important for any musician that hopes to achieve interesting tonal textures. They are great for live gigs, but are also extremely useful when recording music in a studio. Instead of relying heavily on music editing software like Soundtrap and Audacity, you can use guitar pedals to enhance your sound during recording sessions. There … Read more

How To Connect a Mic To PC Computer, Laptop, Mac or iPad

Conncet Mic With Computer

Connecting a mic to a computer, laptop or iPad depends on the connector given in the device. Generally, three types of connectors are used to connect a mic with the computer. 1/8″ phono input – Common mic input in all computers except iPad. USB connection – Also common in all devices, including iPad 1/4″ Phono … Read more

Eargasm Earplugs Latest Review 2021[Best Earplugs For Live Concerts]

eargasm earplugs

If you are a live singer, musician, or music freak who frequently attends live concerts, you might be familiar with earplugs. Live singers and musicians often use these high fidelity earplugs to protect their ears from the high-level feedback sound. Eargasm Earplugs are the topmost brand out of them. So, in this article, I’m going … Read more

FabFilter Timeless 3 Review 2021

fabfilter timeless 3 review

Fabfilter Timeless is one of the most popular delay VST plugins in the audio recording world. It’s a vintage-style tape delay plugin used by pros around the world. Its unique vintage filters and creative effects make it an excellent delay plugin for home studios.On the high demand of Recording Base followers, today I will review … Read more

Native Instruments KOMPLETE Classics Collection Sale (Exclusive)

 UPTO 80% OFF  
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Native Instruments KOMPLETE Sale (Exclusive)

  UPTO 80% OFF  
Offer Valid Till Nov 30, 2021​