Pop Vocal Mixing Tips: Adding ✔️ Reverb And Delay In Pop Vocals

pop vocal mixing tips

Audio mixing is very vast. There are several music genres around the world. All genres are different and demand a different kind of mixing techniques. The pop genre is I think the most popular genre in the world and a good catch on pop mixing can give you a good business. Pop is highly dependent on the vocals. … Read more

Pro Tools Ultimate: Mixing In Surround Sound [Video Tutorial]


By Paul Maunder Surround sound mixing cannot be neglected by us. Many popular industries like Movies, Gaming etc require of surround sound mixing. If you are a Pro Tools user and new to Pro Tools surround sound mixing then check out this free video tutorial which describes you how to surround mix in Pro Tools. Note: … Read more

Mixing Tip: How To Use Glue Compressor FX Chain

glue compressor fx chain

Probably you heard a term “Glue” in mixing. Mixing engineers use compressors via bus. This is generally called  Glue. But there is another way of glue Compressor in your mix. You can “glue” tracks together by using two standard compressors in series, with low ratio and high thresholds. As a result, you get a clean dynamics control … Read more

Vocal Processing Tips: 8 Proven Methods

Vocal Processing Tips

Vocal Processing is not a tough job for us but it can be a fun when you know some basic methods. Although the human voice is the most sophisticated instrument you can use some tips to make it more professional. Here are 8 vocal processing tips you can follow to create great vocals Reverb Tail … Read more

Dolby Institute Introduces Free Dolby Atmos Training Courses


Dolby Atmos is an essential audio format for movies. Without converting your movie background to this format, your mixes can’t qualify for major film theaters, HD television shows etc. But what exactly is a Dolby Atmos format and how do you convert your projects into this format? Free Dolby Atmos Training Courses By Dolby Institute Well, … Read more

6 Pro Tools Functions You Must Aware of | Post Production Workflows


After Pro-Tools soften its norms – “Pro-Tools hardware is not recommended when using Pro-Tools”, many of you might have adopted it as your DAW. Read Lucy J Mitchell’s (a freelance Sound Editor and Dubbing Mixer for TV, Film and Computer Games) advice on the key functions of Pro-Tools in her own words. I am also … Read more