What is Audio Clipping And How to Avoid it in Recording

Audio Clipping in audio recording

In this article, you’ll know what is audio clipping and some good tips to avoid it in the recording. So, read the full article if you are facing clipping in your soundtracks. Music recording is not just an art but a science. We need a good knowledge of sound theory to become a good recording … Read more

What is Stereo Imaging: Get More Depth in Your Mixes

what is stereo imaging

This article will tell you the importance of stereo imaging and some plugins that you can use for it. Read the full article to know the process. Remember, the mono tracks of the 60s that you listened in your radio? Comparing the quality of those classics with today’s high-quality audio tracks tells you the truth … Read more

Rap Vocal Compression Settings [Beginner’s Guide + Cheat Sheet]

rap vocal compression settings

In this tutorial, you will learn rap vocal compression settings to get the best quality in your hip- hop mix. Rap songs are known as one of the most aggressive genres in singing. This aggressiveness creates difficulty when you want to harness it with compression. Apart from the other soft genre songs compressing rap vocals … Read more

7 Types of Reverb You Should Know About

7 types of reverb

In this article, we are going to read about the seven types of reverb that are used in audio production. Reverb is the one thing that confuses all of us with its variety. Especially the newcomers in this audio recording field always wonder about the types and setting of the reverb plugins. And it’s not … Read more

How to EQ Drums in Audio Mixing [5 HIDDEN Strategies ]

In this article, I’m gonna share you with 5 effective strategies for how to EQ drums in audio mixing? We all know that drums are the most important part of the rhythm section in most of the genres. If it not mixed properly, the whole song would ruin. So, mixing drums in the right way … Read more

Quiztones EQ Ear Training App [Review]

quiztones ear training app

Quiztones is a frequency based ear training app which is able to train newbie ears to get the results like a pro. We don’t come with any skills from the womb of our mother. Right? We learn each and every skill here in this world. And, in audio engineering its dam true. Because we all have the same ear … Read more

Gain Staging: Secret to Get Good Levels In Your Mix

gain staging technique

If you want to come up with better mixes, you must understand the gain staging process. Underestimating it may lead you to compromise the whole recording and mixing without even realising. The digital audio recording world is changed today. Back in the initial days of digital audio recording, there were quality related problems as compared … Read more

How To Identify and Remove Resonant Frequencies [EQ Sweeping]

Remove Resonant Frequencies

In this guide, you will read about how to remove resonant frequencies from audio by Equalizer Sweeping method. The whole audio mixing is based on shaping up audio frequencies and making them more pleasant to listen to. EQ Sweeping is an important part of frequency shaping. In EQ Sweeping we clean up the audio. In … Read more