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Velo 2 limiter by soundspot
Soundspot which introduces us with Velo 2 Limiter is one of the biggest plugin manufacturers in
Working With Ableton Clips
In the first Ableton Live tutorial, we went through all the basics of Ableton Live,
ableto live tutorial
Electronic music production is in "boom". Today each and every music producers, even newbie musicians
If you are suffering the lack of saturation in your mixes, you should definitely try Sausage Fattener. When
quiztones ear training app
Quiztones is a frequency based ear training app which is able to train newbie ears
plugin boutique coupon deals
A few days ago I've been googling about some good resources for buying audio plugins.
home studio acoustic treatment
Acoustic treatment is an integral part of any recording studio. The one thing newbies underestimate
audio interfaces guide
The most confusing or you can say tricky part in building your recording studio is
recording studio microphones
So, you are confused. By searching on music equipment marketplaces for Recording Microphones and getting
7 home recording studio essentials
Whether you are a musician, a songwriter, a recordist or a professional music producer, all
Audio Technica ATH-M50xBT review
Headphones are an integral part of the recording studio. When we talk about the 7
gain staging technique
If you want to come up with better mixes, you must understand the gain staging
Remove Resonant Frequencies
The whole audio mixing is based on shaping up audio frequencies and making them more
code red channel strip plugin
Every Friday we come with free plugins, sample and other stuff which can help you
In this article, you will read about Compressor Plugins For Bass Guitar. Whether you mix
gt analyzer by gramotech
Today's Friday Freeware is GT Analyzer by Gramotech. In audio mixing, analyzing the frequency graph is
Merry Christmas all Recording Base community followers and members. It's time to gift you some of
17 Best Guitar VST Plugins
Whether it's a home studio or a professional one, guitar VST plugins and instruments are
free guitar plugins friday freeware
Are you a pop music producer and finding some cool but free guitar plugins for
Recording Vocals in the Studio video tutorial
Recording vocals in studio become fun if you have a great knowledge on how to
Compressor Settings For Vocals explained
Do you want to know the ideal compressor settings for vocals? Then read this article
free electronic music production courses
This article will give you the detail and enrollment link for 2 free electronic music
difference between preamp and amp
This article will give you the answer to the question that what is the difference
selling beats online
Do you want to know how to sell your beats online and get extra income